I work on computers for long hours, any precautions that I must take???

One of the most frequently asked questions at an Eyecare practitioner’s clinic. Working on computers requires a very high degree of visual efficiency. However, is working on computers responsible for all the eyestrain?

The most common complaints are: –

  1. I have got spectacle power due to working on computers
  2. Computer has resulted in fatigue, tiredness, itchiness etc.
  3. Headache and pain in the neck
  4. Skin rash has occurred by the radiation from the computer

The following recommendations would help us to avoid much of the feared eyestrain.

  • Blue control lenses (selective) would be a better option for people wearing glasses, but this can be tricky. It is better to consult before you opt for these.
  • Computers do not give rise to any spectacle power. The small-undetected spectacle powers start troubling due to the high level of visual requirements that computer demands. Eye strain can give rise temporary increase in your minus prescription, which may become permanent if ignored, fortunately, a rare occurrence.
  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 min of work, take a 20 min break by shifting your gaze at any object beyond 20 meters, like looking outside the window.
  • Do not forget to blink; constantly staring at the screen with full attention often reduces the blink rate.
  • As of now, we would not recommend any special spectacles for reducing eye strain, though they are available and should be used selectively.
  • Pain in the neck is most often associated with sitting in awkward positions for a long time.
  • Skin rash is related to the dry atmosphere and the static electricity in the office carpets and upholstery.
  • Many times, the eye muscles becoming weak cause the strain. It would be good to consult an Eyecare practitioner in case of computer work causing eyestrain. He would be able to pinpoint the cause of your problem and suggest the proper corrective measures. 

With a bit of care and implementation of these procedures, the eyestrain could be reduced to far less than the strain between you and your spouse due to computers.

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