Spectacles buy one get one 

This is a type of heading that would attract many of us. But can we really make two spectacles for the price of one, with good quality lenses and in your budget? Please read on to find out.

What to look for in your spectacles?

We all wish to have comfortable spectacles. They should function well so that we can concentrate on our work whatever be the distance. They should adjust to our requirement, rather than we adjusting to the spectacles limitations.

How to select the right spectacles?

Spectacle are not like ‘one size fits all’ kind of product and not all spectacles are economical, just as not all spectacles are expensive. The design of your spectacle lens would depend on the nature of your work, your prescription, your frame type and many other factors. Even type of the frame selected would matter.

The lenses can be regular, digital, free form etc., with various options in enhancement coatings.

How important are frame adjustments?

Once selection is done, next comes the frame adjustments like IPD marking, Pantoscopic tilt, BVD, Facial wrap all these or few of these have to be considered depending on the lenses that are being fitted.

Secret to buying good spectacles

So to get a good spectacles – A comprehensive eye examination, proper selection of the spectacle frame, lenses and fitting them on the perfect measurements are an absolute must.

It would be a good idea to voice your comfortable budget and we would be happy to provide the best in your comfort zone. However on few occasions we may ask you to stretch it as the situation may demand for better lenses.

So would you get spectacles on buy one get one scheme?

We may not be able to give two spectacles for the price of one (no one truly can, without cutting corners!), but wish to give you the most comfortable spectacles that may not be the cheapest, but would surely be most economical, value wise!

Next time you buy spectacles don’t look for cheapest one, but opt for better value for money product!

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