A Scan biometry is a test by which we can find out the length of an eye ball. This test is primarily used in calculating the power of Intra ocular lens or IOL.This is a lens that is implanted inside the eye after cataract surgery by the surgeons. The readings of A Scan and Keratometry are used to calculate the IOL power.

This test has become even more important after ideal Myopia control protocols were developed. If the length or Axial length of the eye ball is less than 26 mm then the probability of Myopia related complications becomes less and if the axial length is around 26 mm then Myopia control programme has to be actively initiated.

When a child is registered for Myopia control programme, axial length measurements have to be done every 6 months to track the eye ball length increase. The normal increase would be 0.10 mm per year as this is the physiological growth of the eye ball. The aim of Myopia control is to not allow more increase of the axial length.

Description & Process

Its a painless and a quick test that is done after instilling eye drops to numb the front part of the eye. Ultrasonic probe throws the rays inside the eye ball. These rays bounce off the retina and are measured back. Thus the axial length is calculated. 8 readings are taken to get the best average.


If the readings are below 26 mm, it a reason to be happy about. This reduces the probability of Myopia related complications in future. Also keep repeating the test to ensure that the readings do not increase faster than the normal values. If they are, then Myopia control programme has to be initiated immediately.

  • Takes just 2 minutes to do the painless test
  • Average of 8 readings get the best value
  • Test for both eyes should be done
  • Use these core principles along with tool computer aided design
  • All children having minus power should get the test done

Our Mission

Finally we have some values to predict when and how to intervene for Myopia control. We wish to use this test for all Myopic kids to ensure that their future is as bright and colourful forever.