When the cells at the back part of the eyes are affected, the ability of the eyes to see clearly reduces. Enhancing the quality of their life by providing special devices can help such people. These devices are worn to use the residual vision in better way. The devices may not be the most inconspicuous ones however they are a great help to a Low Vision Patient.

So if you know of any one who is confined to house due to poor vision please help them to fix an appoint with us today. We may be able to help them.

For central vision loss we have basic telescopes to more advanced ones like the occutech bioptics and see TV. These help by zooming in the distance objects so that they can be seen more clearly. Telescopes are available in various magnifications and visual fields.

For near vision we have near telescopes, dome magnifiers, prismo-spheres, hand and stand magnifiers and few electronic devices as well. These help the patients in resuming their reading activities and few of their hobbies.

For peripheral vision loss as in Retinites pigmentosa, advance glaucoma and diabetes retinopathy we can use optical and electronic devices to reduce the size of the actual visual field required and see it from the residual visual field of the patient.

Field expanders, field viewers, to more complex devices like the Oxsight, these are marvels of modern technology which help many to get usable vision. Low vision devices are suggested based on examination and are available for trial.

Retinitis pigmentosa


Patients with low vision are often depressed and these devices can bring back smile on their face. The vision improvement can be phenomenal to usable depending of underlying pathology.

  • Devices are available for almost every condition
  • Can be tried in the clinic for few hours as well

Our Mission

With very few low vision clinics in India, this facility was started at Saoji Vision Care to make low vision patients independent again.