Eye Examination

The routine eye exam

Eye examination involves reading the letters on the chart and if the eye sight is blurred, the eye care professional gives spectacles that enables us to read clearly, right? But many a times even after wearing the spectacles, our complaint of unclear vision, stress, headache do not resolve. So what else needs to be examined?

The need for eye sight and vision to be examined

New science has updated us in so many ways to understand the eyes even better. The complex coordination of the two eyes enable us to see and understand our surrounding so much more than seeing only through one eye. If the teaming up of the two eyes is affected, and if your eye sight is normal, you will will be able to see but miss out on many aspects of vision.

Eye teaming has to be examined

The depth perception, the ability to read faster, comprehend better, stress free working or studying is effected by two eyes working as a team. So in todays fast paced world where we abuse our eyes to the maximum, it is better if the eye teaming is checked and if found deficient it can be corrected by Vision therapy.

The the best eye examination

Thus a comprehensive eye examination involving regular eye sight check up with eye muscle strength assessment will give the best results. So next time you go for an eye check, get your eye muscles evaluated too! Your eyes would thank you.

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