When you loose an eye, it hurts psychologically. Artificial eye completes the face and provides the confidence to overcome the loss.

The eye is made by impression technique with hand painting and gives a close match with the original eye. The impression material is injected in the socket to get the accurate impression from which the mould is made

The advantages include better movement, very little discharge and a comfortable fit.

Semi customization is also available, where in the fit of a ready stock eye is modified for a perfect centration, and some times even color matching is done. Not as effective as full customization and is not recommended.

Though stock eyes are available and are an economical option, in the long run they cause more damage to the socket as the materials are not as good as with customized eyes. Moreover ready made eyes are not made to fit the socket os good as the custom designed eye with impression technique. Avoid stock eyes, keep the socket healthy.

Customized Artificial Eyes
Customised artificial eye making

Description & Process

The original socket is cleaned before taking an impression. Specially designed impression tray is inserted in the socket. Impression material is mixed and injected in the socket through the impression tray. This procedure doesn’t hurt at all.

Once the impression material solidifies, the tray is carefully removed from the socket. Based on this mould a wax eye is made. This is checked for fitting in the socket and sculpted as required to achieve the best fit. The centre of the eye where the black button would be fitted is marked using a marker pen.

The button is painted to match the original iris of the other eye. It is cut to the required size and is used to cast an artificial eye in the mould using white acrylic. The artificial eye made as above if checked for fitting again, then painted to match the other eye. Threads are used to create the blood vessels. Once this is done, the art work is sealed by covering and curing it using clear acrylic. Now the eye is almost ready and goes for polishing.


Its a long process and may take a week for the eye to be ready. The result of of all this process is a work of art. Its an art that heals the hurt caused by losing an eye. The face becomes complete and its an emotional moment for the whole family as the good looks of the patient are restored.

  • Great match of the original eye
  • Little or no discharge
  • Better movement than stock eye
  • Natural looks

Our Mission

To help the people who have lost an eye due to various reasons to restore the near normal look and to make them get their confidence back.