Computerised eye testing

The gimmick of Computerized eye testing 

Do you have a computerized eye testing? A very common question asked at our clinic. Eye testing on a computer really gives the satisfaction to a large chunk of population who refuse to even step in a clinic who don’t advertise about eye testing being computerized.

Is computerized eye testing accurate? 

Personal computer is accurate but is it the same as eye testing computer? Is it a must for every clinic? To start with, let me tell you it is actually known as Auto-refractometer. This machine throws light in the eye and measures the reflecting light, giving us a good starting point to test your vision

The men behind the machines are important

This power has to be refined depending on the age, condition of the eye muscles, nature of work and other eye problems. This is known as subjective testing wherein you are made to read the letters on the chart at a fixed distance. Here your responses are assessed.

Can eye testing be done without a computer?

Practitioners, who do not have an auto refractometer, use retinoscope to arrive at the starting point for subjective testing. Retinoscope is perhaps the most important instrument in an Eye care practitioners arsenal. If a person is an experienced retinoscopist then he can be most accurate.

So does that mean eye testing on Auto refractor is a sham?

The reason why eye care practitioners prefer to have the autorefrator, is that retinoscopy needs lot of skill and is time consuming in untrained hands. For kids especially it is very difficult to keep them co-operating for retinoscopy. Here the auto-ref. comes to help. On few occasions it could be the other way round. 

Confused about should eye testing be computerized or not? 

So next time you want to have an eye check up, do not ask if it is computerized but ask if the person behind the machine is qualified and institutionally trained to examine eyes. This will get you the most accurate prescription.

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