Beautiful eyes

The secret to beautiful eyes

The secret to beautiful eyes is to let your eyes be seen. Imagine there is a function at home where you want to look your best! 

Getting ready for a party

You start preparing for it 10 days in advance. Dresses are decided and given for cleaning and ironing in a laundry; you schedule an appointment with your beautician. Eyebrows, facial, hair trimming, lipstick, foundation, I wouldn’t even know half the list, but this touch transforms you into a beauty.

No I don’t like wearing glasses for a party

 Here you are all decked up and then comes the dreaded moment of wearing your glasses, because you cannot see clearly without them.

This is the time we would like to forget beautiful actresses in the movies wearing glasses. Some of us are contented with blurred vision but avoid wearing glasses at any cost!

You can avoid glasses and yet see clearly 

Today we have lenses specifically aimed are making life more enjoyable for spectacle wearers especially during social occasions, sports, interviews, picnics, a date with someone you love, and most importantly weddings and parties!

Single use contact lenses 

Or daily disposables as they are more commonly known are lenses conveniently packed in blisters and they have a long shelf life. On the day of your function you open one pair, wear it and then at the end of the day simply discard it. No cleaning and storing in a case, no more carrying the cleaning solution wherever you go. It gives complete freedom from your glasses and is a secret to beautiful eyes.

How safe are they? 

They are very safe and hygienic as you are wearing fresh lens pair every time. Comfort is excellent enough for you forget that you are wearing lenses.

They are easy on the pocket too. 

What are the costs involved?

If you have 10 occasions in a year where you want to look your best, you spend money only for those 10 days per year, as they are single use and blister packed.

Try your luck 

So write to us about the important occasion for which you wish to wear lenses. We may just give you 5 pairs free to try on.

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