It is with a sense of profound gratitude that I write this testimonial. am a Catholic priest now studying in Switzerland. I suffer from a rather rare disorder known as “Keratoconus’— a progressive disease in which the cornea thins and becomes conical — which results in very poor eyesight. I received a prompt diagnosis and was treated with success 16 years ago when I met Mr. Yeshwant Saoji at his clinic – Saoji Vision Care in Nagpur.Before I met Mr. Saoji, I was on a constant pilgrimage from one specialist to another. I knew I needed help, but no one was able even to diagnose, much less treat, my condition. I was left alone to deal with the complications.Thank God, I was referred to the renowned Saoji Vision Care in 2001. Ever since, Mr. Saoji has been taking care of my eyes. I now enjoy almost perfect vision.A few years later, my younger brother started complaining that his eyesight was deteriorating, too. He had tried all types of spectacles. In a moment of inspiration, I told my brother to come at once to Nagpur to see Mr. Yeshwant. The Doctor found that my brother suffers from the same disorder do, which is a rare coincidence. Now my brother enjoys good eyesight and has no complaints. In addition to his other services, Mr. Saoji has provided us both with the right type of Contact lenses.We wish sincerely to thank the Doctor for his expert care. He has gone out of his way to be of help, and that is truly appreciated. Mr. Saoji’s approach to those who visit his clinic is professional, but at the same time sensitive to the human dimension. I wish to praise him particularly for remaining in Nagpur and for rendering his services to those who need a specialist there.May the good Lord bless you, Mr. Saoji, and bless your clinic and your family! May many more people benefit from your help!