“I am a regular girl working everyday as a physical therapist with a hectic schedule” So now when your are a therapist you need to have a calm approach to patients, and here i am, having severe headaches , cannot operate a laptop for more than 15 minutes, come evenings and i could not bear direct lights in clinics because my head was spinning in matter of few minutes with added difficulty in driving after sunset due to direct lights on my eyes my daily routine was basically Miserable.

Coincidentally or by destiny | met Dr. Yeshwant Saoji to whom I mentioned my peculiar problem and in my head i had already diagnosed myself as a person who will be wearing spectacles !!! But he listened patiently, with his years of experience he easily diagnosed my condition with ease and asked me to undergo a special test to check my Binocular vision and then told me everything about vision therapy, like the details of the therapy and usually doctors are always in a hurry but Dr. Saoji gave me his sincere and undivided attention and how i didn’t need glasses to cure myself Being a physiotherapist I could relate and understand the logic and science behind the therapy .so then i scheduled and underwent the therapy . The clinic was well equipped with latest devices for vision therapy. Assistant staff were very professional and ensured that the therapy was conducted with personal monitoring and explaining each exercise to give me maximum relief. Vision therapy actually provided me relief from all my problem it was revolutionary i cant justify the magnitude of change it brought to my daily life!!! | wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate all your expertise Your willingness to take time from your very busy schedule to comfort me, explain things to me really made me able to face all of my fears and eased my way through the anxiety of my diagnosis and treatment

Thank you Doctor