Contact lenses

With so many contact lens options available today, it is confusing which ones to opt for. Also there is a shortage of speciality contact lens practitioners in India and very often you get conflicting responses as a patient.

We have listed few common questions that people have, if you wish to ask us more, please email us on yeshwantsaoji@hotmail.com

Now we can offer you very comfortable Soft cylindrical lenses in addition to the rigid gas-permeable lenses. These days, with many lens designs available in the Indian market, cylindrical powers can be comfortably corrected by contact lenses. Any power of the cylinder and any axis can be successfully fitted with lenses.

Any individual requiring visual correction, with freedom from spectacles, can wear lenses. With new designs in the market, people having cylindrical and bifocal prescriptions also can wear Contact lenses. Single use lenses are also available for occasional wearing.

Medical conditions like Keratoconus, irregular cornea, corneal burns, dry eyes need speciality lenses.

Orthokeratology lenses are to be worn at night to help get rid of glasses during the day.

Contact lenses float on the tears, which bathe the eyes. They do not and should not damage the eyes. As contact lenses are in intimate contact with the eyes, it is a job of a qualified professional, who has in-depth knowledge of the eye problems and contact lenses. He has the necessary microscopes and other instruments to make sure that your eyes are safe.

You should always adhere to the instructions given in the clinic and come for follow-ups as recommended.Lenses should be changed after the recommended time to avoid complications. Almost all complications occur due to man-made mistakes either by practitioner or the patient.

Orthokeratology lenses, which are to be worn at night, are the only option to stop or at-least reduce the speed at which the power is increasing.

Regular soft or RGP lenses do not contribute to stabilising the prescription. Few special design soft lenses would soon be available in India for controlling the power increase.

As soon as vision correction is identified and as soon as you decide to have them. In fact if started from an early age it may help in slowing or stopping the number from increasing. If required for medical reasons we even fit babies with contact lenses. 

A professional consultation is best to get the ideal answer for this question.

Sports vision specialists not only agree but also recommend wearing lenses, as they are very close to the eyes, they provide wider field of vision and better dynamic vision. Performance in sports improves a lot with contact lenses. Many Indian sports people wear lenses. Do you know of any, esp. cricketers?

Unless advised, it is best to avoid sleeping with the lenses on. If you wish to sleep with the lenses on special materials are available. Sleeping with the conventional materials, can give rise to long-term complications.

Special designs like the Orthokeratology lenses are designed such that they are very safe to be worn while sleeping.

This differs from case to case and lens to lens. There is no such thing as a single soft lens and a single RGP lens. Its also difficult to give you an approximate budget as the range is huge. It is best to consult with us first. On better understanding about your eye condition and requirements we can present the appropriate options to you.


We are known for dispensing most complicated spectacles that satisfies the wearers needs. Be it very high powers or unsuccessful satisfactory results else where. We take up each job as a challenge and ensure that you get comfortable glasses.

Unfortunately you as a consumer can never assess the quality of the specs 0r lenses. Only the person who orders them knows what he is giving.

Few basic tests are – The reflection of a tube light in the front surface of the lens should not be distorted. The lens should be free of any bubbles or surface irregularities.

This depends on your requirement, prescription and finally on your budget too. Assess your options within in your budget and discuss with your Optician, who should be able to pick the proper one for you.

Just as a cup of coffee if priced differently at various coffee shops – glasses may differ in prices depending on the quality of the frame and lenses provided. Price also varies based on the lens enhancements offered, whether the lenses are fitted on hand edger or fully automatic edger. Unfortunately for your eyes all glasses may look the same, but may have different prices, as they vary in quality. At times the price may be just double for an ophthalmic grade product as compared to a local one.
Also an optical store may price their product depending on the services they offer, and their educational qualifications too.
Please remember –look for the best value rather than cheapest cost.

There is no safety standard for spectacle lens in India, though many eyes are lost in accidents due to glass shattering and injuring the eye.

The US FDA standards require a spectacle lens to withstand an impact of 16 gm steel ball dropped from a height of 127 cms. Any plastic lens satisfies this. Hence they are very safe for the eyes. Industrial safety norms are different.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Eyestrain while using computers is caused by continuous work. Hence we should take a little break. After every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Also have proper illumination in the room especially around the monitor. Use anti glare screens for your monitor.

Monitor should be placed at eye level or slightly below. Chair should be at a comfortable height with feet slightly raised from the floor.
Anti-reflection coating will help only if you are already wearing glasses. There is no need to wear a zero power anti reflection-coated glass.

Imagine what can happen to your eyes, which are 0.50 mm thin at the front, if a foreign particle hits the eye at 70 KMPH??? It is always advisable to have a protective gear either a helmet or driving glasses to protect the eyes from dust and UV rays.

The reflections which occur on the front and back surface of glasses and also the light which gets repeatedly reflected between the front and back surface of the spectacle lens is a cause of discomfort, esp. in cases of high prescription and Hi-index lenses.

Anti-reflection coating nullifies these reflections and helps to make your vision more comfortable and also your eyes appear more clear to other people.
Desirable for people requiring eye contact with their clients, computer usage, night driving and for improving the cosmetic appeal of your glasses