Eyes need to work as a team to get good vision. Our eyes are working more for near than they are meant to be. This put a lot of strain on the eye muscles and makes them weak, Moreover even the person who takes health fitness very seriously is not aware about eve exercises or Vision therapy. The strain goes on increasing as the demand for near work goes on increasing.

So if eve muscles become week, eve strain and headaches increase leading to poor concentration, comprehension and general lack of interest in work or studies. We see many students, professionals like IT, Surgeons, CAs, Architects and Interior designers and in-fact any one who is associated with lot of near work, suffering from such problems.

At SVC, we have added a basic protocol for Binocular vision assessment during the regular eye exam. We do a detailed assessment as well. This helps us to diagnose various eye muscle weakness issues, Amblyopia, or perceptual problems. We have a diagnostic protocol on computerized assessment. On diagnosing the condition, we recommend solutions for stress free vision.

Binocular Vision
Binocular Vision

Description & Process

There is a difference between Eye sight and vision. The tests for eye sight are routinely done at any eye clinic but tests for vision are rarely administered. At Saoji Vision Care we have included most important tests for vision in the basic eye exam itself. This helps up to diagnose vision related issues that may be responsible for unexplained eye strain, lack of concentration and tired eyes.

If the basic test indicate weakness of eye muscles, then the patient is rescheduled for a full binocular vision evaluation. This tests all the eye muscles in detail and needs more than an hour. We strongly recommend that all school going children should get full binocular vision examination done atleast once in two years

If there is any departure from normal, we make an exercise plan to rectify the weakness so that you can enjoy stress free vision.

What to expect

After your regular eye examination is done, we examine the eye muscles for any weakness. When we focus for near, the eyes come inwards and there is a change in the focusing power of the eyes. This can be compared with auto focus cameras. With extensive close work and lack of eye exercises, these muscles which are responsible for bringing the eyes inwards and changing the focus of the eyes become weak.

Other than this there are tests for more complex issues that are responsible for good eye teaming. Any issues that are diagnosed are most often treatable.

  • Starts with a regular eye test
  • Basic ability to focus your eyes at distance and near with the speed at which you can comfortably alternate vision is tested
  • More complicated accommodation and convergence related issues would be examined
  • We may use software based screening and diagnostic tools
  • Depending on the weakness, home vision therapy or in-office therapy may be recommended

Our Mission

Eye examination should not be limited to eye sight test which rarely helps in diagnosing vision related issues. Binocular vision examination may require more time but you will find every minute of you time properly utilised as you would eventually realize the importance of these tests. Please help us to create awareness about Binocular vision examination.