Professional fees details

Regular eye exam

Basic eye exam diagnoses the eyes and vision condition. This is for preventive check up or after specific complaints of blurring of distance and/or near vision or if present spectacle power is insufficient for providing clear vision.

This should be the first test (unless specifically advised by us), which can be upgraded to appropriate option and by paying difference of fees.

Time required for the check up: 20 minutes (approx.)

Fees: 500/-

Binocular vision assessment

Must for children and adults who are suffering from intermittent blurry vision, squinting of eyes, eyestrains and unexplained headaches; watery eyes which is affecting their daily routine and reducing their productivity. Recommended for children who cannot concentrate on their studies or are a bit slow in school and in studies. A good options for people who work more for near, be it computers, studies, office work etc., It is strongly indicated for children who have squinting of eyes or have Amblyopia or lazy eye

Select this option for anyone who has any of the above complaints.

Time required for check up: 1 hour

Fees: 1000/-

Myopia control exam

When a child gets minus power, it progresses rapidly through the growing years. With every diopter increase in the power, the risk of Myopia (minus power) increases. Few complications of Myopia are sight threatening in adulthood. We do a detailed exam of eye power, muscle weakness, Eyeball length evaluation, eye curvature evaluation and few other tests. This helps in risk assessment of developing Myopia related complications and if the risk is high, we will suggest solutions that will help control the minus power increase.

Opt for this check up for children below the age of 18 and/or the minus power is constantly increasing. It is most beneficial if check up at early age of 3 to 4 years.

Time required 1.5 hours (approx.)

Fees: 2500/-

Soft contact lens check up

Ever wondered how you would look without eyeglasses? Why not try contact lenses? This check up will be done over the span of at least 2 sittings, maybe more, until satisfactory vision and contact lens fit is achieved. You get occasional use contact lenses as well, which you can wear during social functions.

Time required for check up: 20-30 minutes for the first sitting. 10-15 minutes per sitting afterwards.

Fees: 750/- to 900/- For soft regular and cylindrical lenses, 2000/- For Multifocal lens (fees includes a pair/s of lenses to try on in most cases)

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    Keratoconus contact lens fitting

    We are India’s first centre of excellence (awarded by Rose K lens manufacturers, UK) for fitting of contact lenses to most difficult eyes like Keratoconus or any irregularity in the eye. The lens fitting is done after understanding the eye curvature on world best corneal topographer that analyses over 1 lac points on your eye to determine the most accurate eye curvature. We have many options for such people. Our choice of the lenses would vary from case to case and is based on years of our experience dealing with such eyes and our judgment based on the detailed examination protocol.

    Time required – variable, but min 1 hour on day 1 (approx.)

    Fees: 2500/- onwards (includes corneal topography and all visit charges till good fit, clear vision and patient comfort is achieved)

    Orthokeratology Lens fitting 

    To get rid of your eyeglasses, just sleep well!

    These are corneal moulds that gently reshape the front part of the eye while you sleep, so that you don’t need to wear contact lenses or spectacles to see clearly all through out the day. They are also excellent devices for Myopia control therapy.

    Time required 45 min, multiple visits (approx.)

    Counselling & short trial No fees

    Full trial: 5000/- (includes corneal topography fees and multiple visits for trial)

    Vision Therapy

    When any of the above tests diagnose any eye muscle weakness or amblyopia, we give vision therapy to improve the power of your eye muscles. Post therapy you will be very happy to note that the eyestrain is reduced greatly or even eliminated. If the concentration is weak, this will help you to improve the concentration. Lazy eye or amblyopia will be treated to get good visual recovery. Based on the vision condition, we design 12 days therapy protocol and one of the staff will get the therapy done.

    Don’t book for this directly unless recommended.

    Time required 30 min (approx.)

    Fees: 600/- per sitting 

    Customised artificial eye making

    It is unfortunate to lose an eye. We can bring a smile on such faces again buy making a custom designed artificial eye by the impression technique and hand painting to match the other eye as close as possible.

    Time required – 1 week (multiple visits are required)

    Fees: 25000/-

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      Corneal topography

      The curvature of your eye is measured over 1 lac points using worlds best corneal topographer for contact lens designing. Once we capture the corneal picture then you can sit beside us to see your lens being designed on the computer screen for a most accurate fit. This is very useful test for any speciality contact lens designing, and to follow up such cases.

      Time required 15 min for both eyes (approx.)

      Rs: 1800/- for both eyes

      A Scan biometry

      This test involves evaluating the eyeball length using ultrasonic waves. The test is one of the very strong indicators of risk assessment for a myopic person. The results help us to plan for Myopia control programme. It is also done as a part of calculations required to arrive at the lens power before cataract surgery.

      If you are a child below 18 years and have minus power, get this test done for sure!

      Time required 10 min for both eyes (approx.)

      Fees: 600/- for both eyes

      Prism spectacles

      Prism glasses are used for individuals who experience double vision because of affected eye muscles due to squint, head injury, stroke and some other neurological issues. It can also used for patients with visual field problems.

      Time required for the check up: 30 minutes (approx.)

      Fees: 1000/-

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